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Our flower subscriptions, designed by our design team, are designed to ensure that your home and office are full of quality flowers and lush foliage. These customizable packages allow our customers to choose seasonally available flowers that will be delivered directly to you weekly, that is, 3-4 times a month. We guarantee that you will receive magnificent and creative designs using interesting vessels and ceramics, glass vases, wooden baskets designed by our talented designers in accordance with your personal aesthetics and the interior of your home or office.

Designers Choice Premium Monthly Subscriptions

Excluding Sales Tax
Price Options
Monthly Flower
$249.00every month until canceled
  • for your home or office, we personally select and deliver the highest quality products every time.

  • The delivery is made every week on the same day, the day is decided in advance with the customer during a phone call, when the preferences are specified. The time of delivery and registration is made from 4-8pm hours.

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